Mr. Brand was inspired by the notorious interview by BBC’s Jeremy Paxman in which actor Russel Brand declares modern day politics bankrupt.

“Do you know they all go to the same parties. I got a mate who was at this party the other night at some rich person’s house. Tony Blair, David Cameron, they are all at the same party! They are at the same party! At work it’s like: I am this party, I am that party. But at night time we’re at the same fucking party.”

-Russel Brand-

The title Mr. Brand not only refers to the name of Russell Brand but also to the English word brand, a key concept in the capitalist system. It is this system that Gianni Grot denounces. He does this using hip hop dance and spoken word, two art forms that are both born out of dissatisfaction with society.

Mr. Brand deals with the tension between the individual and society. The individual has its own will and ego, however, opposition to the society can be an impediment to progress. With Mr. Brand, Gianni hopes to create more awareness in society by awakening the conscious mind of his audience.