My Stro Foundation


Ongerijmd #5

The My Stro foundation is committed to connecting urban arts with the established arts. The foundation aims to connect the arts on a professional as well as an amateur level, by supporting Gianni Grot & Company in their artistic endeavours. The main focus is to tell stories through urban arts and to assist the youth in the development of their own artistic talent.

My Stro helps disciplines that are inspired by the street culture to a professional stage. This way the foundation stays close to the world of the youths, and hopes to motivate the youth in developing themselves culturally.

The goal of the foundation is to shape youths and young adults into savvy individuals who can express themselves creatively and have an appreciation for the performing arts. On one hand, My Stro uses art that is in line with the identity of the youths and young adults to broaden their horizon. On the other hand, the foundation tries to open up the Dutch performing arts to new influences from another angle; the angle of the street culture. This also has a new promising theatre audience as a result.