Urban Physical Theatre


Ongerijmd #1

Urban Physical theatre is a form of theatre in which a situation or story is portrayed with body language as the main form of expression. Movement in combination with drama, music, dance, poetry and visual art is what primarily drives this form of theatre. In addition, urban physical theatre adds an interactive element whereby the audience not only beholds the theatre piece, but is also a part of it.
An Urban physical theatre piece is formed out of the collaboration of a group of artists, which create devised material. The devised material arises from impulses, exercises and assignments that the group gets. To create the theatre piece, the director/ choreographer brings structure in all the material and builds a definite silver lining.
A workshop Urban Physical Theatre consists out of one single class or a number of classes. In these classes we work as a group to create a theatre piece. The students get lessons in dance, drama, mime, poetry and music. All of these disciplines are implemented in the piece. To uphold the diversity, the workshops contain different topics. Which means the theatre pieces that are created in the workshops are in essence all different.