Ongerijmd #3Gianni Grot & Company is unique for the use of Urban Physical Theatre in its productions. We make this principle accessible to all in interactive workshops, in which knowledge and skills are developed using dance, spoken word and drama as guiding disciplines.

In the first workshop, Urban Dance, participants discover their physical abilities in movement, using hip hop dance elements. This discovery leads ultimately to a choreography that helps tell a story. Spoken Word, the second workshop, is a form of rhytmic poetry, strongly related to rap. Participants have the freedom to put their thoughts on paper, guided by creative writing assignments, in order to develop their artistic expression in writing. To express these feelings on paper to an audience, the workshop Drama is offered. In this workshop the participants learn to be self-aware and expressive on stage, embodying the story and emotions of a character. All three workshops combined lead to a presentation of a self-made Urban Physical Theatre piece, in which the three disciplines are combined.

The workshops can be booked in addition to Gianni Grot & Company’s professional theatre productions, possibly performed on location. For more information on the workshops or educational packages, please contact us via e-mail of telephone.